Following Tutorial: Implement the OSC protocol in your app

Hey, so I have been trying to figure this out. I followed step by step Tutorial: Implement the OSC protocol in your app. The OSCsender and OSCreceiver are working perfectly fine, up till I launch the OSCmonitor.

I get this error, if the receiver is not connected then the OSCmonitor reads from the OSCsender normally. I can’t seem to have both oscmonitor and oscreceiver work at the same time, it is like they can’t be connected to the same port at once. Can someone please let me know what i’m doing wrong or why am I having this problem.

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please let me know when you fix this, I’m having a similar error

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will do! waiting for a reply still. :slight_smile:

Have you guys tried to download the whole project and then just modify it? Sometimes they miss a step or just leave the tutorial as it is, but then they update the tutorial code if it has bugs or some update in JUCE changes smth.

I tried the code of the sender, receiver and monitor and all connects fine, the sender works, monitor catches the data and receiver receives and gets updated.

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Yes, I just checked out the examples, and the tutorial is done in one app in Juce Examples. Thank you!

do you by any chance know if I wanted to send to OSCReceiver::ListenerWithOSCAddressOSCReceiver::MessageLoopCallback
is automatically listening to local host Correct me if I’m wrong please, I am completely new to this.

I haven’t touched OSC yet but reading the documentation (please someone correct me if I’m wrong) it seems the adress that LinstenerWithOSCAdress will be checking is the one you previously registered your OSCReceiver with. What I don’t know is if you don’t specifically register the receiver with a custom address, it’s by thefault the loopback or not (I guess so)