OSX 10.12 Sierra VST's - Issues

I have noticed that JUCE VST plugins do have a blank UI in some older hosts and also crash when you want to close them. I have tested it in cubase 6 and and Ableton 8. The bad thing is that plugins that are not made with JUCE still work without any issues.

Anyone noticed the same?

Wait… isn’t Ableton Live 8 a 32-bit only host. Do you mean that JUCE VST 32bit plugins are not working? I’m confused.

You are right. It could be that only the 32 bit plugins are affected. This would make sense. I will try to re verify this.

OK I’ve just pushed a fix for this on develop. It shouldn’t crash anymore. However, the plug-in window will still remain blank. A workaround is to put another app into the foreground (the Finder for example) and switch back to Live. I don’t know why this is necessary but I can only imagine this is due to more Carbon code being deprecated in macOS sierra.

Great to hear that you could reproduce this. Hope you also find a solution for the blank window stuff. I will try to test it soon.

Are you sure the push went through? The latest commit I see on develop in github is this:

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Thanks! It’s pushed now - I updated to macOS Sierra yesterday and it seems that not all of my push scripts are working correctly. :disappointed:

Hi Fabian

Thanks for the fix. I have done some tests and the plugins do not crash anymore (AU and VST). Tested in cubase 6 and ableton live 8.
I also noticed the blank screen issue with the VST version in both hosts. The work around with another application window works, but it’s not really something we can expect from our users :slight_smile:
Do you have time to look at this too? I think JUCE plugins are Sierra ready when this issue is resolved.

I’ve already looked at this for a few hours and there is no easy fix. However, let me re-iterate: this is only an issue for 32-bit DAWs which still use the legacy carbon views. Any recent versions of DAWs - even 32-bit - won’t be affected by this bug. I’m not sure how much effort we should put into this bug. I think fixing some of the compile warnings in Sierra is more important.

It’s ok for me this way. Thought its easy to fix. I have to update my 32bit test hosts :slight_smile: