OSX Key Stroke Problems

How can I get control of OS X key strokes like shift space, option space, ctrl space, cms space, etc.

I am talking from within an application, not the System Preferences

Apple has lost their mind taking up all the common key strokes

Most of these should go through to the normal keyPressed method, right?

They never make it to the keyPress routines.


You are reading what I stated. If you press cmd space on OSX it never gets to the component routines . Apple uses all of these as there own commands unless you disable them in System Preferences. I need to by pass this.

Is this something new in 10.11? The command key defintiely gets through to Component::modifierKeysChanged in 10.10 and previous versions. We use this in Tracktion.

I am in 10.10.5. Have you tried using the cmd space as a shortcut.

Spotlight search always appears.

Option space gives me a beep, etc.

I am willing to go down in the code and trap this if I can find where. It seems I can't set break points in Juce code anymore in OSX. No GDB debugger is around.

Sorry, I misread your initial post I thought you were just after the modifier changes.

It seems perfectly reasonable for the OS to intercept global shortcuts like "cmd + space" for Spotlight though. I know I'd be really annoyed if I was using an app and instead of opening Spotlight it did something else. Presumably users who have the Spotlight shortcut enabled want this, those who don't can turn it off and use the shortcut in app?

Shortcuts not assigned to OS actions seem to get through though. "shift + space" and "option + space" both get through for me.

Try it in the JUCE demo's "Shortcut Keys" page.