Not receiving Command + Space

With the mac build of my app I am not receiving the command + space keyPressed event. I am receiving command + [any other key] so I know my handling is set up correctly. I set a break point in my keyPressed handler and it simply does not get hit for command + space bar. Am I missing something here? In fact I checked all my key press handlers and this event is just MIA.

Thoughts ?

Edit: I’m on 1.46

Not exactly a brilliant choice for a key shortcut on the Mac! I assume you’ve somehow disabled the spotlight popup before trying it?

Wasn’t aware that some shortcuts are more or less reserved on OSX. Though did some research and Apple notes that not all applications will honor command + space. I read that as meaning it’s fine for me to use.

I’m not aware of a means to disable the spotlight popup. Doesn’t sound like a good thing to do unless it’s at an app level. Really don’t want to be tinkering with OS level configuration.

I seem to remember there being an option panel somewhere to change the shortcuts for things like spotlight, but I think it’s definitely best to avoid it, or you’ll just confuse people.