Shortcuts don't fire application commands

I have created a native menubar. The native menubar fires application commands that have been registered using the ApplicationCommandManager and ApplicationCommandTarget just fine but only if I use the mouse to select a menu entry. The keyboard shortcuts registered for the commands don’t fire the associated commands even though they are shown as the keyboard shortcut in the menu entry.

When I press the keyboard shortcut I see the correct menu item highlighted, only the actual command is not fired.

Menu entries are created like this:

menu.addCommandItem(commandManager, sc::CommandIDs::settings);

and the native menubar is then set using:

appleMenu = createAppleMenu();
juce::MenuBarModel::setMacMainMenu(menuModel, &appleMenu, "Open Recent");

Commands are registered like this in getCommandInfo():

switch (commandID)
case sc::CommandIDs::settings:
  result.setInfo(sc::Resources::Translate("Settings"), sc::Resources::Translate("Settings Desc"), sc::CommandCategories::general, 0);
  result.defaultKeypresses.add(juce::KeyPress(',', juce::ModifierKeys::commandModifier, 0));

As said the menu entries work, but only with the mouse. Very strange. Any ideas what I may be missing?

I use key shortcuts like that every day in the introjucer, and those work ok… (?)

Sure, actually the Introjucer was my template how to implement it. Can you point me to where in JUCE I should start debugging, where I can start examining how a shortcut keypress is routed to menus/commands?

Maybe start from ComponentPeer::handleKeyPress and work your way down from there…

How embarrassing. Lets see, how can I phrase this… I forgot a “key” ingredient:



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Not so embarrassing - the command-manager stuff is quite a complex beastie to work with.