Override MouseDown

Hey Jucers,

I would like to override the default function for detecting a mouseDown event in Juce. By default, wherever the mouse was initially pressed down is the considered the location of the mouse down. I'd like to be able to override this and I'm not sure which exact functions require overriding to make this possible.



Array of Sliders -- I want to pass my mouse over them (mouseDown, of course), and draw the slider position to that of the position of the mouse as it passes over. It seems I need to override MouseDown to make this happen.




Sounds like you need a parent object for all these sliders that takes in the mouse events and acutates accordingly.

Take a look at this other thread too, seems like the same problem http://www.juce.com/forum/topic/how-get-mouseevents-when-dragging-over-multiple-controls

Hope this helps!

Cheers Joshua, thanks for your attentiveness. I will look into this other thread. smiley