Oversampling Libraries

Hi all!

I am trying to implement oversampling to reduce the aliasing of a wavefolding stage in my plugin.
However seems that the juce::dsp::oversampling class affects too much my CPU.

I would like to ask you if someone has used other libraries, for instance the HIIR library by Laurent de Soras, and how you find it.

Thank you very much!

What oversampling factor are you using? 2x, 4x, 16x?

I’m just using a 4x oversampling factor. The idea is to give the possibility to the user to change the factor


Wow! Thank you @andrewj !
I will soon have at this!

Hi @andrewj !

Might I ask you if your wrapper is C++14 based? Because I add it to my plugin project but I find out this error

error: no member named 'bad_alloc' in namespace 'std'

EDIT: I found that std::bad_alloc() is an exception included from C++11. I just solved that issue by including the JuceHeader.h in the Memory.h file.

Hey @karota, I can’t actually remember, it’s lost in the mists of time! I’m pretty sure I’ve since used it in C++14 projects though.

Where is the error being thrown? Can you resolve with #include <new>? If so, let me know and I’ll add it to the repo.


Hi @andrewj ! No problem!

I just did what was written on the guidelines, but when I built my project I got that error on the std::bad_alloc and I solved by including the JuceHeader.h
However, probably the #include <exception> could be sufficient

In addition, I am trying to make your code working as a JUCE module

Cool, I’ve had that somewhere down my TODO list for years!