"Packages creat pax archiv error?

Hello everyone, can someone help me. When creating an installer in the packages program, I always get an error when closing.
Create bax archive (Build Failed) ditto returned error code (1)
What am I doing wrong?
It’s about a plugin including a 16 Gb library
Thanks Mike

Can’t answer this specifically, but does Packages write anything to a log file? Have a look in ~/Library/Logs for a Packages folder and it might tell you more.

Slightly OT but it’s well worth learning the underlying built in commands that Packages is a glorified wrapper for. It will take a couple of hours to half a day max if you use the Surge VST repo as a guide.

Thanks for your answer
Unfortunately, can’t find it in logs.
I’ve done a lot of installers with packages never had problems, only with this file it causes problems. have already tried with many variants / can it be that the program does not accept such large files?

Mac installers are limited to 8GB – which is why I wrote my own installer for distributing our sample libraries


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This is related to a file, I suppose
I have another installer that is 24 giga with several libraries, but the maximum size is 4 giga. This works great except for the problem that the check after a download takes about 5 minutes until the installer opens! that is also a problem :frowning:Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-14 um 23.13.15

Is that per package? If so, couldn’t you have a main installer package with sub-packages that are force installed?

Looks like only option is to split your 16gb library into smaller parts.

at the end it is a .pkg with 12.16 GB


Thanks :slight_smile: