[PAID] C++ DSP Code Debugging help needed

We have a cross-platform audio app, that’s written entirely in Juce/C++. We’re looking for someone to double-check the audio code of that app. Everything is working as it should on Computers/iOS devices, but we’re having a problem, where certain Android devices (that run on large buffersizes) introduce errors (clicks, pops) into the audio. So we’re looking for someone who has experience with Juce/C++ audio/DSP and can double-check/correct our audio code.
Here the link for the iOS version of the app: https://apps.apple.com/tt/app/audition-assistant/id1468738846?ign-mpt=uo%3D2

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Hello there! My name is Artie, I am interested in helping you out as best I can. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Music Technology and device-friendly audio apps are making up a large portion of my M.M. Thesis. I’d love to have a look and work with you on this project.

Here’s a freebie: if this is a real-time audio application, and you’re getting clicks and pops on certain hardware it may simply be because the device CPU isn’t fast enough to process everything in time. Strip out most of your audio processing and see what happens. If it goes away, you need to optimize.

That is not necessarily the best advice. The majority of such problems are a result of allocations, priority inversion, other OS calls, worst case synchronisation locks.

Optimising the maths is sometimes the solution, but in my experience that is the minority.

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Maybe :slight_smile: It’s the easiest thing to try before going down a rabbit hole, and if we’re talking mobile hardware and complex processing you could run short if you aren’t careful!

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Apparently VTune has some android support. I used it a lot back in the day and when it is the code, it’ll tell you. Half the time in audio it was not the code, but blocking and waits. It’s been forever since I’ve used it, but if you aren’t familiar, it’s well worth knowing.