[PAID] Looking for Beta Testers for Vocal Processing Plug-in

Over the past 2 years, I’ve developed a vocal processing plug-in using the amazing JUCE framework. It’s now fully functional and pretty much ready for sale, however I find it difficult to find reliable beta testers.

Therefore, I’m asking if anyone here is interested in testing the plug-in and giving me feedback on its usability - of course, I am willing to pay for your effort!

If you have a VST3- or AU-compatible DAW (Windows or macOS), and have at least a a tiny bit of experience making music that includes vocal tracks, please DM me for specifics.

Can’t wait to hear from you :slight_smile:

I think this might be one of the hardest things in plugin development! :joy:

I had a vague idea once about setting up a website to help with this, something like users would register saying what hosts and platforms they can test with, vendors could make requests for testers, and there would be a rating system for testers/vendors. I was envisioning that vendors would offer a license as “payment” for testers doing their thing, and so this is where the vendor rating comes into play (do they keep to their word). And users would be rated on how much feedback they give, so if you had a high value product that you only wanted to give away licenses on the proviso that you’ll actually get some good testing out of it, then you can filter your requests to beta test accordingly. The hard part would be determining that users actually did do some testing, especially if it was all plain sailing for them and they have no bugs to report.

I would offer to help if I fit this criteria, unfortunately not my area at all.

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I think all of this applies even to the firms big enough for QA departments! You can never have enough testing.


I could play around with it for a few hours and give you feedback.

I am a programmer/singer (hobby) with basic knowledge of DAW (I use Cakewalk by Bandlab for recording and mixing my vocals).

I don’t need payment, but to set the expectations correctly, my time is quite limited, so I can only test it for a few hours.

Let me know if this would be helpful for you.


You sound like the ideal tester - the plug-in is especially aimed at hobby vocalists :slight_smile:
Even if you don’t want any payment, I’ll definitely let you keep using the software beyond testing, if you want. I’ll DM you!

With beta testers we find it’s best to get about 200 and then from that you’ll get like 10 great testers and 150 free-loaders and 40 people who don’t even download the installer. We usually give out time-limited licenses and then give anyone who gave feedback of any kind a free license. Helps if you have a lot of mates who are producers as well as they tend to be more amenable to detailed help with bug fixing :slight_smile: