BetaTesting - One hand washes the other!?

Dear fellows,
I am in the process of finishing a JUCE based audio plugin, and - surprise, surprise - i experience difficulties in finding good beta testers. From the forum I learned that is a shared pain in our community, so I thought that maybe we can help out each other? So I will spend some hours beta-testing YOUR plugin, and you return the favour by spending a few hours on mine!?

What I can offer:

  • experienced developer - I know where to look for problems
  • 4 different macs, including M1, one Windows computer and a Parallels Windows installation
  • Ableton LIVE, Logic, Cubase, Bitwig, Tracktion, Tracktion Waveform, NI Machine …
  • various controllers, including MPE
  • 20+ years experience as bedroom producer - so i could also be your customer
  • i am mathematician by education - saying: solid and analytical
  • others say its fun to work with me :slight_smile:

I am more on the creative side of music and sound design, less experienced in the fine art of mixing and mastering.

Does that make sense to you?
If you are potentially interested in that kind of one-hand-washes-the-other idea please send me PM.

Kind Regards and thank you

BTW: the plugin I am currently finishing is an innovative “boutique” synthesiser, a dark and gritty beast. It uses colour to represent timbre, so basically you put colours together to shape your sound.


Sounds like a good initiative. We’re not quite ready for beta testers yet but I’ll definitely keep you in mind and happy to give feedback on your synth in the meantime.

i’d like to test your plugin. i have a windows 10 machine to offer and my main daw is cubase artist 9.5.3

i’m very experimental with synths so it is likely that i find some useful information about your synth when it comes to bugs, ux-things and stuff

It sounds interesting for me, unfortunately I don’t have mine ready to test yet!