Parameter changes are always added to Ableton's undo list

Hi everyone,

in the plugin i’m developing, each parameter is created by :

valueTreeState.createAndAddParameter(MY_SLIDER_ID, MY_SLIDER_NAME, "", mySliderRange, mySliderRange.snapToLegalValue(0), nullptr, nullptr);

Each of them is controlled by a Slider, and each Slider has a SliderAttachement created by

mySliderAttach = new AudioProcessorValueTreeState::SliderAttachment(processor.valueTreeState,MY_SLIDER_ID, mySlider);

Here is the issue :

In Ableton Live 8, every time a parameter is modified, either with an automation or within the plugin GUI, the action is added to Ableton’s Undo list. This behaviour does not happen with Bitwig.

Is there a way to prevent a DAW from adding parameter changes to its undo list ?