Parameter ramping & prepare/prepareToPlay reset

Just a few thoughts/clarification about ramping parameters, because there seems no general policy about that topic.

If we use parameter ramping like LinearSmoothedValue we ensure that calling prepare/prepareToPlay() and reset() will reset the current ramp to the target value

So, to ensure that there will be never any ramping at the beginning of the audio processing, the host/wrapper must ensure to either call prepareToPlay after setting the initial parameters OR must call reset(), if it sets the initial parameters after prepareToPlay and before the first processing.

Otherwise we would ramp from the default parameter values.

Can we except such a behaviour from the host?

I was wondering about the same thing, and came across this thread.

In my case I have a function that calls setValue(paramValue, true) for each LinearSmoothedValue. (The second boolean parameter forces the smoother to bypass the ramp and jump straight to the new value).

That function is called in prepareToPlay() and also in setStateInformation(), after the host has reset the plugin state.

That should cover all the bases, right?