Parameter value does not change through automation

Hi, I’ve tried following The AudioParameter classes tutorial but haven’t managed to get it work.
I have managed to send the parameter in cubase so i can see it as an automation option.
But the value shown in the image below wont change nether using the write slider nor writing automation.

I have written the following code:
[in PluginProcessor.h]
AudioParameterFloat* Master_processor_parameter;

[in PluginProcessor.cpp]
[Processor constructor]
addParameter(Master_processor_parameter = new
AudioParameterFloat(“Master_ParameterID”, “Master_Parameter_name”,
NormalisableRange(0.0f, 100), 0.5));

void NewProjectAudioProcessor::getStateInformation (MemoryBlock& destData)
{MemoryOutputStream(destData, true).writeFloat(*Master_processor_parameter);}

void NewProjectAudioProcessor::setStateInformation (const void* data, int sizeInBytes)
{*Master_processor_parameter = MemoryInputStream(data, static_cast<size_t> (sizeInBytes), false).readFloat();}

The same thing happens in the juce Audio parameters example.

Figured out what was wrong.
I hadn’t set an audio device in cubase. I think this shouldn’t be a problem but when i set one, parameters react as expected. It seem that the way this tutorial sets the parameters has a bug when no sound driver is set in the DAW.
When tried to read automation in a cubase plugin it worked properly even with no audio device set.