Per configuration Extra compiler/linker flags and External libraries to link

I have a single export target for each platform (mainly for windows and linux, macosx doesn't have this problem) and inside i have configuration for Debug32, Debug64, Release32, Release64 and so on.

What i miss, is to be able to specify additional Extra compiler flags (i need specific compiler flags in debug mode for example, or more selective optimizations in release), Extra linker flags (same as above) and External libraries to link (i'm using thirdparty closed source libraries that comes in 32 and 64 bit flavour, so i need to link with a matching compatible binary library).

Any plans to do so ?

You can do this with preprocessor macros, I do it with cURL on Windows.

E.g. In "Extra linker flags" - ${CURL_LIB}

Then in debug "Preprocessor definitions" - CURL_LIB=libcurldebug.lib

and release - CURL_LIB=libcurlrelease.lib

cunning trick !!! thanx a lot... works on all platforms ?

anyway more obvious text boxes in the introjucer would be better for me ;)

I think so, it just changes the command line parameters. I've only used it on Windows though.

Yes, more text boxes would be helpful (I've explained this technique on the boards about 6 times now) but the IJ is getting a bit text-box heavy if you ask me. Having overall settings and then per-target settings could get a bit confusing. I think Xocde deals with this the best with their grid based 'default' -> 'project' -> 'target' -> 'resolved' page but this is a non-trivial bit of UI.