Additional Linker Dependencies

How can "Additional Linker Dependencies" be handled with the Introjucer?

There are fields for header and library search paths, but what about the actual dependency files?

I am talking about the following option in Visual Studio:
Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies

There is also "#pragma comment", but as far as i know this only works with MSVC.

Am i missing something?


The "Extra linker flags" field under each exporter in the Introducer?

Uhh... i never clicked on the Exporter itself... just on Debug or Release... :/

I knew i was missing something.

Thx a lot. :)



"External libraries to link" is bound to the exporter and not to the configuration.

This isn't a problem as long as Debug and Release libraries only differ in path and not in filename.

Now i noticed Ogre adds a "_d.lib" to the filename, so the "External libraries to link" have to be different for each configuration.

I circumvented this problem by adding two "Visual Studio 2013" exporters... one for Debug and one for Release.

Is there a way to change the names of these two exporters?

Cause at the moment when you click "Save Project and Open in Visual Studio..." it asks for the Exporter to be used and both have the same name, but actually are listed in opposite order.



I just noticed that my first interpretation was wrong.

If you add the same exporter twice and click the button, you are asked to chose one, but whatever you select you always get the one that is listed last in the config panel.

I've fixed that menu issue now - it should now open the correct one from the list.

You know you can define these libraries per-configuration if you use a pre-processor macro right? When I'm linkin to cURL I add these lines in the Debug/Release "Preprocessor definitions" field:

CURL_LIB=libcurldebug.lib & CURL_LIB=libcurlrelease.lib


Then in the exporter "Extra linker flags" field use the definition:



Well, actually i didn't know that, but its indeed the better solution.

Thx a lot! :)