External Libraries to Link



I am linking to a library that has seperate .lib & .dll files to use when built in release vs debug -- so say libd.dll / libd.lib for debug & lib.dll / lib.lib for release.


The introjucer only has one place to list the External Libraries to link to, which is under the VisualStudio2015 tab, not locally under each build setting. I know I can set seperate paths in debug & release, but can you move the External Libraries to Link to input down one level to each build setting??


Otherwise, how else can I link to libraries like this ?





Hi there,

couldn't you have the libraries to have the same file name, but reside in different directories for Debug and Release, respectively? That sounds like a cleaner approach to me. Then you can use different values for the "Extra library search paths" setting, which already is one level down at the configuration level.