Playback of App m4a files

I’ve just started to work with JUCE.
Running the projucer audio demos, I’ve noticed that I can load and play mp3 files, but not the Apple m4a files.
Does JUCE support these audio files? If not, how can I enable decoding of these files?

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Are you on a Mac? If so, juce should be able to read unprotected m4a files using its CoreAudioFormat.

Yes, I’m on the Mac. I was trying the DemoProjucer application, and I could not read m4a files.
Is there another demo I can use to see how I read m4a files on the mac?

Also, I’m planing to build a multi-platform application (Mac, iOS, Android). I assume that reading m4a files of Mac and iOS will work (per you reply). How about doing it on Android ?

I’m not able to get m4a files loaded on Android using the standard fileChooser/createInputStream approach. Wav and mp3 files load fine.