Reading m4a files on Windows

Hello guys !

I want to read m4a files on Windows. From the information I got on the forum, for previous versions of JUCE, I have seen that to do it I need to use the WindowsMediaAudioFormat. I have modified the code in formatManager->createReaderFor() to ignore the default registered formats to do so, but even this way, I'm not able to get a valid result.

I have just tried to read a m4a file with my Windows Media Player on Windows 8.1, and it works there, so I don't know what to do otherwise.

Someone has an idea ?

Thanks in advance !


Hi Ivan. Curious if you managed to make any headway with m4a on Windows?


Hello !

If I remember well, I think I wasn’t able to read m4a files in Windows unfortunately :frowning:

OK thanks Ivan!