Playing audio through input device

I apologize if this has already been covered elsewhere.  I'm not even sure what to refer to this as.  I want to play an audio file through an input device, as if it were being played directly through a microphone.  Does the JUCE framework have this capability?

What is your use-case? Do you want to program in-game audio, and you want to send both your recorded voice and songs you are listening to on headphones to your game members?

Well JUCE can use the available audio devices, which you OS provides. But it is not a tool for creating new audio drivers.

So my guess is: no, it is not possible.

- Correct me anyone, if I am wrong :-) -



No frameworks have that capability. At least on Windows and OSX the only way to make another app treat your audio like a microphone input is to write a fake sound driver that pretends to be a microphone. Or you can use something like SoundFlower to re-route the audio, but again, it's a driver, and needs to be set up appropriately.

Thanks for the input guys. I’m making a soundboard-type application, mainly for streamers(gamers, podcasts, etc). I don’t know if it would be more useful for them to play sounds as if they were being spoken through a mic, or play them as output. Here’s the repo, to get an idea:

So, it looks like I’d have to write my own driver for each platform, then, huh? Or find an open source virtual audio device for each platform? Damn.