Plugin additional folders for audiofiles, presets and images

Hi, i am looking for an example of vst plugin made with Juce, that has an additional folder, to store, audiofiles or any kind of files used in the plugin… even presets !

i didnt find any tuto over this topic and anything on this forum… maybe i am wrong but i would think about such plan for my own project… is that possible ?

precision: i am talking about packing the final vst3 plugin WITHIN its additional folders !
Thanks in advance

The annoying bit is, that this is different on mac and windows.
On Mac the VST3 is a bundle, so you can add resources into the bundle, while on windows a vst3 is a plain file afaik. In this case you have to resort to specify a location on the drive and create an installer, that places your files into the right location.

A tutorial for installers is here:

A good place is File::getSpecialLocation (commonApplicationDataDirectory)

hi daniel,
can it be just the folders right next to the plugin file ?

You could of course do something like:

-- uriels_awesome_plugin
---- uriels_awesome_plugin.vst3
---- data_folder
------ some_audio.wav
------ some_image.png

I may be wrong, but I think the problem comes about from determining where is system_vst_folder on Windows, because although there is a default “standard” one for VST3, your plugin may not necessarily be in that folder.

For a plugin I’m developing with presets and associated wavs I’m using one of the File::getSpecialLocation options and having my installer place the presets etc. there for me.

That is/was true, apparently deprecated since VST 3.6.10 and bundles are possible on all platforms for VST3 now :

God knows how the host support for VST3 bundles is on Windows though :wink: