Plugin doesnt show editor

I created a simple audio plugin in which I want to instantiate the editor at the beginning. I call createEditorIfNeeded(); in the AudioProcessor constructor but since JUCE 6.0.8 the .vst3 is unable to show the editor doing this way. It used to work in previous JUCE versions, and still works with vst2.

What should we do to instantiate properly our editor at the begining, even though the DAW doesn’t call us ?

Just don’t do it! The plugins are not supposed to show their editors unless the host requests your plugin to open the editor with the createEditor method of your plugin. What reason would you have to force the editor to be created directly in the AudioProcessor’s constructor?


Because we host an other plugin that has issues with sound if we dont open his editor at least once. And the developer of this plugins isn’t available anymore. But we eventually found a dirty fix : we create the editor in the constructor, put it into a std::unique_ptr, and in the juce method createEditor, if the std::unique_ptr has an instance, we release it. Thank you for your answer anyway !

Do you have access to that plugin you are hosting? Have a look what side effects the editor has and try to either fix that or just trigger what needs to be triggered.
Sounds like a mistake in the initialisation, that the editor then fixes when created.

But it sounds like an accident waiting to happen.