PluginEditor ctor

I’m noticing in the debugger that the plugineditor ctor is being called twice. Is this by design or am i doing something wrong?

Just curious. So far, things are working I’m just wondering why?


I think a temporary editor object might sometimes be constructed if the host needs to know what size it should be before creating the real one.

More info…

I’m using the vstplugin code and the audio processor “createEditor” is being called twice thus the plugin editor ctor is called. Is this by design?

Thanks for the answer. Glad I’m not doing something wrong.

If the PluginEditor CROR is rather heavy, what would be a good way to postpone this heavy work till the real construction of the editor instance that will actually persist? A timer-based approach perhaps, or is there another more elegant way?

Just don’t do any work until the editor is actually made visible?


Maybe I’m wrong but isn’t the editor made visible in createEditor in the vst wrapper? I’m really trying to find a way to not have to build the whole GUI twice in VST hosts and can’t really figure out how to do it.