Plugin Editor show/hide problem on Mac in Live and Sibelius


I’ve noticed the following problem on Audio Unit plug-in editor on Mac in Ableton Live.
The sequence is the following:

  • add a plug-in to a MIDI track,
  • display the plug-in editor => the plug-in editor is displayed correctly,
  • select another midi track => the plug-in editor is hidden (standard behavior),
  • select the previous track => the plug-in editor is NOT displayed (altough the editor display indicator in ableton live remains ON)

I have this behaviour for both my plug-in and the jucedemoplugin.
I don’t have this behaviour on PC or with the VST version.

I also have different behaviour in Sibelius this time both for VST and AU.

  • I select my plug-in as playback device and ask for display of my plug-in editor => the plug-in editor is displayed correctly,
  • I hide the plug-in editor and display it again => an empty frame is displayed
  • I hide the plug-in editor frame and use “Mac space” to travel in different desktops and come back to Sibelius desktop => my plug-in editor is displayed although I didn’t ask for and the display indicator in Sibelius is OFF.

It works correctly on PC

The behaviour of the AU looks correct in Logic, Garageband and Rax.

My tip is dated from the 20/10/10. I checked I had the problem on previous version of my plug-in/juce. I’m downloading the TIP to make further tests.

No change with the latest tip.

One problem solved ! The behaviour of the Audio Unit window not showing in Live was probably due to a bug in Live 6. I’ve just tried Live 8 and everything is fine.

It still doesn’t work in Sibellius on Mac. Could anyone indicate me a free or trial virtual instrument (AU or VST) using Juce so I can try it in Sibellius and see if it is related to my code (high probability :oops: ) or Juce or Sibelius. I just want to make sure.