Plugin Parameters For MIDI

Hi everyone,

I want to give my MIDI plugin parameters that I can control in Ableton.

All the examples I have seen so far use the AudioProcessor or other Audio related components.

If I use those will my plugin still be recognized as MIDI or should I look in another direction?


The parameters are just parameters, the host doesn’t care what you use them for. (And you are already using AudioProcessor anyway if you are doing a Juce based plugin.)

But right now I have no mention at all in my plugin referring to the AudioProcessor…


Any idea where I can find some more information except for the Juce official tutorial?

Then I don’t even understand how the plugin could work? :thinking: All Juce based plugins have to inherit from AudioProcessor.

Hi man,

well I have a couple of Faders that send MIDI out, so I just checked my code but nothing points to Audioprocessor at all…

The example given on the Juce site about the parameters is very unclear because I am not doing anything in the audio realm.

If somebody can just tell me how to hook the parameter up to a fader I would be most grateful!

Even if you don’t do audio, you have to inherit from AudioProcessor to do a VST/AU plugin. Are you actually even working on a plugin at the moment?

If you are indeed working on a plugin, your PluginProcessor.h should have a line like MyPluginAudioProcessor : public AudioProcessor, which means you are inheriting from the AudioProcessor class.

I started the project as a GUI project :wink:

I will try with an Audio Plugin Template…