Plugin settings not saved in standalone (JUCE 3.0.8)

Hi Jules!

I've just updated from JUCE 3.0.5 to 3.0.8. Interestingly, the plug-in's settings are not saved in my standalone version anymore.  The fix is easy:

void StandaloneApplication::shutdown()

However, I'm wondering whether this is intended behaviour or an oversight of you. :)

Again, thanks for JUCE (can't say that enough)!

Best regards,


I wasn't aware that it used to save the state! 

But yes, it's deliberate in the sense that it's your responsibility to decide when you want to save or load, and that class won't attempt to do it for you.

(And please - it pains me to see people still using manual deletion of objects! Do yourself a favour and learn to use smart-pointers!)

Thanks for the answer - and for the hint regarding smart pointers! (Being a spare-time code I didn't realize they existed...)