Plugin UI not visible


this is my very first project in Juice. And i am trying out the Tutorial : Create a basic Audio/Midi Plugin. I am using mac os sierra and x code 8 as my compiler. When i add the slider properties i get the following error and i can’t see any update on the user interface

Creating VST instance: NewProject
Creating VST instance: NewProject
Initialising VST: NewProject (V1.0.0)
2017-03-28 12:50:46.389715 Plugin Host[9955:309727] dynamic_cast error 1: Both of the following type_info’s should have public visibility. At least one of them is hidden. N4juce8TypefaceE, N4juce11OSXTypefaceE.
Closing VST UI: NewProject

can any one please suggest me whats wrong here. The question might be really silly but as its my first tutorial please consider it

I think the error message is a red herring: it comes up on my machine every now and then when I have a memory corruption bug or the plug-in throws an exception. However, the error message is normally not related to the actual underlying error.

Try running the standalone target of your Audio/Midi plugin by selecting “Build Standalone Plug-In” in the

Then run your plug-in from within xcode by selecting the standalone target:

What errors do you get running the standalone version? Also, while developing, make sure that you enable the address sanitiser:

Thanks a lot for reply. I was traveling for my another project for the last two days and just got back in the office today and saw your reply. I tried to do the the steps as you suggested but i could not find the option ‘Build Stand Alone Plugin’. Below is a screen shot of the juice interface that i have

Am i doing something wrong? I have plans to order the book suggested from the juce website this week to learn more about that. but for the start i just wanted to see how the tutorial looks and runs on mac os.

Any suggestion to solve this problem would be greatly helpful.

Try using the develop branch. You can get this by cloning the JUCE repository from GitHub,, then switching from the ‘master’ to the ‘develop’ branch using git.