Plugin window size problem on Windows when changing OS fontSize


I just noticed that a GUI bug has appeared on Windows since version 2.0.21.

When the font size of Windows is increased (Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Adjust screen resolution) for example from 100% to 125%, the plugin window is zoomed whereas it should keep the same size.

As a result, window is truncated. On some DAWs (like Cubase or Studio One) it is impossible to resize the plugin and some of our customers complain about it.





Are you sure that's still happening in the latest version? I'm pretty sure I only enabled the rescaling by default in apps, not plugins (?)

I'm having the same issue. I updated to the latest tip and the problem persists. Maybe i set the flag somewhere, but i cant find something like this in the AppConfig. Does anyone know how i can disable plugin rescaling on windows?

Sorry - I thought I had added a check for that, but clearly didn't.. Try it now!

No problem. I tried to overwrite the getDesktopScaleFactor ( ) in the plugin editor but it seems that this method was never called. After that i patched the Component class and return always 1.0f in the getDesktopScaleFactor ( ) function as a temporary solution.

It works now, thank you.