PluginDemo not Opening the Second Time

The PluginDemo works fine in Windows, but there is a problem on the Mac.

The first time I open the PluginDemo window it opens fine. When I close it and try to open it again, the window does not show. I have confirmed this on two different hosts. The PluginDemo code is unaltered. I’m pretty sure this is a problem in the juce code and not the host, because all of the Apple Plugins work fine and all the other AUs I own, opened and closed with no problems.

Any ideas.

I wasn’t aware of any problems like that… Is the plugin itself being deleted and reinstanciated, or are you just talking about closing/re-opening its window?

BTW are you using the latest modules branch? That’s where I’m doing all my development, so if you’re reporting bugs, that’s the branch you should refer to.

No it’s not being deleted. I tried it in my Carbon Host. The host does a HideWindow / ShowWindow and nothing more. The second ShowWindow does not show the window. Even though the Host is carbon it works fine for all the Apple Cocoa plugins and everything I own. My first guess was a carbon/cocoa thing but now I am stumped. I traced the code to the ShowWindow but nothing happened after the call.

I don’t know where is " latest modules branch". I am still new here so please let me know what you’re talking about.

He’s talking about the “modules” branch, available from the git repo.
You can see it at the bottom of this page, there are 2 “heads”, one is the master branch and the other is the modules one.;a=summary

And here you can find some infos about what’s going on, scroll to the bottom for the download instructions: