Problem hosting Melda Productions plugins

I’m having some trouble with the editors of these free plugins. Specifically, the editors display fine the first time you open them*, but after you close them once, they refuse to display at all in the future (I just get a black rectangle, 300x150 px). Testing on Windows 7 64bit. I get the same behaviour with the juce audio plugin host.

I don’t know if it helps, but the problem seems to be something to do with this section in VSTPluginWindow::openPluginWindow():

[code] pluginHWND = GetWindow ((HWND) getWindowHandle(), GW_CHILD);

    if (pluginHWND == 0)
        isOpen = false;
        setSize (300, 150);

The second time I try and open the plugin’s editor, GetWindow() returns 0. I’m afraid I don’t understand the code well enough to know the significance of this.

To be honest, I suspect the plugins may just be badly-behaved in general, as when I run my host in the debugger with exceptions on, I get a ton of exceptions just trying to load them. I thought it would be worth posting this in case anyone else has had similar issues, or has any suggestions. I’m at a bit of a loss :?

Also, I should note that I’m not running the latest tip (my juce version string is 2.0.21), so apologies if there have been recent changes to the vst hosting code which make this post obsolete.

    • Assuming you don’t try and give them a resizable window to render to. They don’t like that at all.