PluginHost Demo: Nested plug-in window problem

I’m an JUCE Indie developer. This is my first message on the forum. Basically I just read and the information was enough. But now I need help, because I could not find a discussion of something like this on the forum.
I want to open the plugin windows inside the MultiDocument Panel. For this, I modified the JUCE PluginHost Demo a bit. But I can not make the plugin window be inside the document window. Is it possible to correct this behavior in some way?
A short video of how it works now: The problem of displaying a Plugin in a nested window

Unfortunately because of the legacy techniques that plugins use to embed their content, you’re going to have a hard time putting them inside anything other than a floating desktop window. Many plugins will expect there to be only a minimal border between their own sub-view and the parent one, and if you start trying to get them to sit inside a big parent window and move around in it, things will go horribly wrong in many cases.

Thanks for the quick response Jules.