PluginHostType missing Hosts

Bitwig Studio, Garageband, MainStage



- updated -

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I feel like this should also report Pro Tools 10 specifically vs. later versions of Pro Tools. PT 10 doesn't support certain AAX features, and it would be great to be able to check for it.

A trivial way to determine whether AAX is running under PT 10 is to check if the plug is running as 64-bit or 32 (ie. via _WIN64 and __LP64__)

PT 10 is 32-bit ONLY.  PT 11+ are 64-bit ONLY.

Thank you!

It doesn’t look like GarageBand and MainStage were ever added to PluginHostType.

Also, Cubase 9.

Can that happen? Thanks.

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Bumping that up, it would be super helpful to have these added.


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GarageBand and MainStage in PluginHostType will be on develop shortly.


Awesome, thanks for the quick action!

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