Windows AAX 32-bit - not showing

Hi all,

Our new AAX plug-in is working fine on OSX 32-bit (PT10) and 64-bit (PT11), and Windows 64-bit (PT11). 

However, the 32-bit Windows version is not showing up in Pro Tools 10. I have checked all the Visual Studio settings and it's definitely the 32-bit version that's being built, and the digital signing step is the same as the Windows 64-bit version. 

It's Pro Tools 10.3.9, upgraded from 10.3.7 yesterday, and on first startup it scanned all the AAX plug-ins but completely ignored our new one! The AAX bundle is definitely in the correct folder for PT10. 

Any ideas?



Managed to solve it - deleted the existing bundle and created a new one from scratch using the shell script included with the AAX SDK, and now all good smiley