AAX compiling problems under Windows

I have several problems trying to compile AAX version on a Windows 7 (VirtualBox). Under OSX everything is fine, aax compiled and signed works great. 

When I load the AAX SDK lib solution my Visual Studio 2012 says that I have to update it in order to compile it. Fine, I update it and AAXLibrary compiles ok while the other AAXLibrary_UnitTest not (but I'm not even sure what is it).

Anyway in Introjucer I enabled both VST and AAX, I start compiling my plugin and happerently everything seems right but the VST version (.dll) is not in the folder and I get this error:

warning MSB8012: TargetExt(.dll) does not match the Linker's OutputFile property value (.aaxplugin). This may cause your project to build incorrectly. To correct this, please make sure that $(OutDir), $(TargetName) and $(TargetExt) property values match the value specified in %(Link.OutputFile).

There's a file .aaxplugin in the release folder (shouldn't it be a folder like in OSX?) I sign it and put in the AAX plugin folder but ProTools doesn't even recognize it as not working, it's simply not there. I guess it's because it's a file and not a bundle/folder as it should be. 

I already spent weeks trying to figure out it in OSX and the whole signing process was a nightmare (but finially got it).

Can somebody help me?

Found the solutions? I am curious on what you did.

I am also having issues on Win7, even with the Juce Demo Plugin.

In my case the AAX plugin compiles and loads fine in PT11

but it does not appear in any track insert... I can't see it anywhere.

Could it be it a JUCE problem (specific to AAX Windows since it woks fine on my Mac), or am I missing something ?        (I am using JUCE 3.1.1)

Jules ?



this is no problem. The project itself  build a DLL and the extension is ".dll". When you build an AAX the the link output  is changed to '.aaxplugin.' This is only the name for the binary.

You can have a different matrix for plugins.

  Build VST2, Build VST2 + VST3, Build VST2 + VST3 + AAX ...

but you the project builds only one DLL and in this DLL contains ALL plugin interfaces. So normaly only copy to new extension is required to have an VST3 or AAX plugin.

When you build with AAX options from Jucer file than the output plugin name in the project is changed to .'aaxplugin'  and you have only one output file.

When you build with VST + VST3 options from Jucer file, than the output plugin name in the project is '.dll' and the the '.vst3' binary is
build in post step. (copy '.dll' -> '.vst3'). So when the build is completed you have 2 files.

This looks a little bit different !



Thanks Elli

That does not explain why the aaxplugin, once loaded in PT, does not appear in any insert track...

Am I the only one having this issue ? (again it is only on Win7, on Mac no problem)



As you wrote above already, AAX plugins are folders, not just binaries. There should be a script called "CreatePackage.bat" in the SDK that creates the structure for you. Then, copy the 32 and 64 bit binaries you created to the 32 bit and 64 bit subfolders that are in there. That should be it.

Thanks siedschl, I used the script you mentionned to create the folders and copied the binaries appropriatly.

The problem is still there : the plugin loads correctly in PT, but it does not appear in the insert track...

There must be some other trick I am missing, or JuceDemoPlugin does not work in PT11 on Windows 7 ?



Actually you were right siedschl !

I finally found out that I forgot the "s" at the "Contents" folder.

Adding the "s" solved the problem