AAX bundle procedure on Windows

Sorry if this has been asked before... I can't seem to find it anywhere, probably I'm just being stupid. Here we go: the structure of an AAX plugin under Windows is some sort of bundle, just like under OSX. Now while the bundle directory structure is automatically created under OSX, this is not the case under Windows. At least what I end up here when building an AAX plugin is a dll, and then I have to create a directory MyPlugin.aaxplugin, in there another directory Contents, then Win32 and x64, and then copy the 32 and 64 bit dlls to the appropriate places.

This works, in the sense that ProTools recognizes and plays the plugin, but MyPlugin.aaxplugin is displayed in Windows Explorer as a normal directory, not with the ProTools symbol next to it like the other AAX plugins. Furthermore there's an xml file in the Resources directory in other AAX plugins... is that maybe necessary? How is everybody else doing this?

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Found it in the AAX SDK documentation... desktop.ini and PlugIn.ico from another AAX plugin has to be copied into the .aaxplugin directory, and "attrib +s MyPlugin.aaxplugin" has to be executed. Case closed.

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For anyone else wondering about this, there is a batch file to make the bunlde in the AAX2 SDK:




What on earth is that supposed to take as the 'outdir' argument?  

after some time away from this issue and some community support, I have my compiled x64 windows aaxplugin successfully working in a dev build of PT.

The aax template posted above did the trick – it’s unfortunate that the best way of compiling this Windows AAX was via a template! all the CreatePackage script did was put folders in all the wrong places.

Updating the 32-bit, signing, and calling it a day.
Thanks everyone who participated in this thread! :slight_smile:

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