32bit AAX (PT10)

I wanted to check if there was any clarification about how to build a AAX that works on Pro Tools 10 (or a 32bit AAX).

Change the build to 32bit.
For windows is a bit tricky. You have to wrap the AAX in the sub folder.
Try Right click and open an existing aax and see how it’s done. Also in the sdk, there is a batch file that will help you create one

Oh ok so just changing the target scheme to 32bit, sounds almost too simple.
This might sound like a dumb question but I normally don’t see separate versions of AAX and I have some aaxplugins loading in both PT10 and PT11, are most other companies still dealing out 32bit aax or am I missing something very rudimentary?

Yeah it’s that simple.
AAX 32bit only works with pt10 but I use rtas for 32bit to work also with pt10 and below.

aaxplugin is a folder, if you open it you will see a Contents folder that has Win32 and x64 sub folders where the wrapped aax files go.
So the distribution depends on the company.

side not on this, I also get invalid 64bit plugin error when trying to load a plugin in PT 11 (after confirming it works in PT 12).
Any idea on that?

FYI I am on OS X
As for AAX 32bit I am unable to change the build scheme in xcode for 32bit, any hints on that front?

I’m not sure why it’s not working for pt11. I would try to recompile and wrap.

In projucer you have to select Architecture 32/64 bit then you should see both im xcode

Thanks! that worked, now I just need to really solve the PACE code signing process. Wish there was a place where all pace/protools devs could talk without worrying about NDAs


I think that place could be their forum for developers. We could colonize that with some number of JUCE threads :joy: