Plugin's editor image


Is it possible for a plugin host based on Juce to get an Image of the plugin’s editor? My understanding is the AudiProcessorEditor is just a container for a system window. So the plugin’s editor is a system window located on top of the Juce windows, but it is not drawn over the Juce bitmap, right? I would like to draw some information over the editor, such as arrows going from editor’s areas to my Juce GUI, so I guess I need a Juce copy of the editor in the same graphic context than my Juce window. What’s the best way to do that?



The only way to draw over a plugin’s window would be to float your own transparent desktop window over it and draw into that.

Yes indeed, this is something I had considered, I can use this method in my current project. But I’m wondering if it’s possible to copy the current editor window to a Juce image… it would be useful to transport this image to another machine, or to apply a transform matrix on it in order to display it twice smaller for example…

That’d be non-trivial - you’d need to write all the platform-specific code to snapshot the contents of windows.