Plugins not recognised by AudioPluginHost

Running the latest version of AudioPluginHost (6.1.6), quite a few VST3 plugins are not recognised:

Most of these are Softube and Arturia plugins and they load fine in various DAWs.

Does anyone know what causes this and how to fix it?

Softube plugins don’t like to be run under a debugger. If you’re running the AudioPluginHost under a debugger and scanning in-process, or if you don’t have an appropriate license available (is the iLok connected?), then these plugins may fail to scan. Waves plugins can also fail to scan if there’s no appropriate license available. I’m not sure about the Arturia plugins - I was testing with Jun6V and Pigments yesterday and they both loaded correctly.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend trying scanning out-of-process and seeing whether that resolves the problem.

I’m running the release build, no debugger and scanning out of process.

These plugins do not appear in the list after scanning (in red or otherwise).

Ilok is connected. These plugins load just fine in my DAW. AudioPluginHost also loads the AudioUnit versions of the same plugins without any problems.

Are you testing on a Mac M1?

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Yes, I’m on an M1 system.

There’s a good chance these plugins are x86_64 only. Pigments and Saturation Knob definitely are. If you’re running the AudioPluginHost as an Arm binary, then you won’t be able to load x86_64 VST3s.

Of course :slight_smile:

Everything works as it should in the Rosetta build.