Pluginval failure with serialization of boolean parameters

My plugin has several boolean toggle parameters, which in my code I’m dealing with as juce::AudioParameterBool objects. I noticed that if I “quantize” the float values (ie, saving the value as a boolean and reloading to either 0.f or 1.f), then pluginval tests fail (on strictness level 10) with output saying it tried to save values such as 0.2 or 0.7 but they got recalled as 0.f and 1.f. I suppose this is somewhat understandable from pluginval’s perspective, but I’m wondering if it’s a flawed approach to “quantize” the values to 0 and 1 in this way – saving the exact floating point value seems somewhat irrelevant if it functions as a boolean toggle to the plugin?

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Cross-linking as it might be relevant: Basic AudioProcessorValueTreeState plugin won't pass PluginVal - #5 by lalala

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See also here:

It’s been a while, and I ended up with a custom AudioParameterBool implementation that includes the fix as proposed in the thread. Then forgot about it and didn’t follow through to get this rather simple fix into mainline JUCE.