Pluginval - VST3 wrapper assert line 942 - message thread problem?

With a vanilla plugin project (VST3) being tested in pluginval (debug) with xcode attached, it stops at the jassertfalse on line 942 of juce_VST3_Wrapper.cpp.

It doesn’t seem like this should happen…is that wrong?

To reproduce:

  1. Use Projucer to create a new vanialla fx plugin project & compile it (debug).
  2. Build pluginval (debug).
  3. Run pluginval from xcode, load the plugin and run tests on it.
  4. See the jassert hit.

Other details:

OS X 15.7, xcode 12.1
JUCE, develop branch up-to-date (13 August)
pluginval, develop branch up-to-date (5 June)