Is there a way to let assert not stop in the debugger?

I know this sounds weird, because asserts are there to alert you in debug sessions, but…

I keep running into jasserts when testing a debug build of a plugin in Pluginval:

            // The host is misbehaving! The plugin must be deactivated before setting new arrangements.

I assume that Pluginval is testing my plugin against such “hosts”, but I want to focus on other stuff, and cannot bypass this.

Thanks in advance for tips

pluginval is the host in this situation so it’s likely not doing something it should…

What version of pluginval, and what version of JUCE are you using? It may be that you just need to update one or the other

This is an issue that has been fixed recently in pluginval, so updating pluginval would probably be the solution to this particular issue

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Well, I could post an image of the jassert when Pluginval calls prepare leading to this jassert…

I’m on the latest Pluginval and Juce 7.0.2 develop, locked at a commit end of September, just before the threading changes around then.

I just released products and I still need to tag versions, make branches, whatever, it’s a bit busy in my support department with an AU parameters issue.

Thanks and cheers

Mmm, I pulled the latest today, develop, last changes by Sudara 2 months ago?


That’s interesting. I know this problem from pluginval before version 1.0.0 and updating it to 1.0.0 (commit 0d42ff1) solved that for me, but if that doesn’t help in your case, it might be a different issue than the one I experienced

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