Pop up JUCE window from DLL

Hi. I’m writing a DLL plugin for Reaper DAW.
I’ve already included Projucer-generated sources into my main project and been able to compile it without any errors.
What I need is a pop up a GUI window with a press of a button on a midi controller (let’s just call it an abstract command, for simplicity) and close that window with a press of another button.
All examples that I’ve seen, assumed that the JUCE’s GUI is a main app window and should be created when the app (or dll) is started.
In my case, I only need to create the window by demand (button press).
Can anybody help me with some very basic example of how to accomplish this task?
I’m using VS as an IDE for my project.

It’s super dodgy to create a window within a plug-in’s DLL. It’s even more dodgy to do this when your editor is not even open. You’ll likely get random crashes and hard to find bugs and/or a long list of workaround for many different DAWs. I think many people here would agree that you need to re-think what you are doing.

He isn’t talking about usual VST etc plugins but extension plugins for Reaper which have nothing to do with VST and similar plugins. We’ve had some discussions in the JUCE Discord server and I think he is now aware it is going to be hard to get things working as he wants as this isn’t really officially supported neither by JUCE nor by Reaper.