Popup menu small bug : submenus & parentComponent

when opening submenus, the PopupMenu parent component is not taken into account.
It’s probably just about adding the withParentComponent option in MenuWindow::showSubMenuFor() :

bool showSubMenuFor (ItemComponent* const childComp)
    activeSubMenu = nullptr;

    if (childComp != nullptr
         && hasActiveSubMenu (childComp->item))
        activeSubMenu = new HelperClasses::MenuWindow (*(childComp->item.subMenu), this,
                                                       options.withTargetScreenArea (childComp->getScreenBounds())
                                                       .withMinimumWidth (0)
                                                       .withTargetComponent (nullptr)
                                                       .withParentComponent (parentComponent),
                                                       false, dismissOnMouseUp, managerOfChosenCommand);

        activeSubMenu->setVisible (true); // (must be called before enterModalState on Windows to avoid DropShadower confusion)
        activeSubMenu->enterModalState (false);
        activeSubMenu->toFront (false);
        return true;

    return false;


Yep, I’ll add that.