Pass Custom Component to addSubMenu


I’m trying to create a PopupMenu with sub-menus that uses custom components as the PopupMenu Items. I’ve been using addCustomItem() and this works perfectly unless I call addSubMenu(). The sub-menu that appears contains my custom components, but the item in the main menu that triggers the sub-menu is the default juce::PopupMenu::Item. Is there a way to make the item that triggers the sub-menu a custom component as well?

Perhaps another addSubMenu() function could be added to juce::PopupMenu that allows you to pass in a custom component just like addCustomItem() does.

Maybe… not sure whether the menu class internals make that practical or not. Haven’t time to look at it myself, but feel free to dig around and suggest a change if it could be done with a minor tweak.

Thanks for your reply!

I was able to implement it by adding this overloaded function for addSubMenu() to juce_PopupMenu:

void PopupMenu::addSubMenu (Component* customComponent, int idealWidth, int idealHeight, const bool triggerMenuItemAutomaticallyWhenClicked, const PopupMenu& subMenu, int itemResultID) { items.add (new Item (itemResultID, String::empty, true, false, Image::null, Colours::black, false, new NormalComponentWrapper (customComponent, idealWidth, idealHeight, triggerMenuItemAutomaticallyWhenClicked), &subMenu, nullptr)); }

Any chance you could add this?

Thanks - I’ve done it slightly differently, using addCustomItem() instead, but it should do what you need now.

Thanks for putting that in - I really appreciate it!