PopupMenu Bug

JUCE 3.2, Mac OS 10.10.5

PopupMenus are staying at a fixed position no matter where the application's main window is.

For example, if you open the JUCE Demo and go to the Tabs & Widgets panel, and click the Show Popup Menu button, it's positioned correctly:

But then if I move the app window over, and click PopupMenu again, it pops up in the same position, as opposed to under the button:

This happens with ComboBox's as well. It does not happen on Windows, just Mac.

...nope, never seen that, and can't reproduce it by doing what you say there!

Also can't think how or why it'd happen.. Any other clues about what you might be doing differently?

Restarting the Dock by opening Activity Monitor, and force quitting the Dock process, fixed it. I was having a separate problem where trying to resize any app window caused it to jump around the screen. Found other Mac users that fixed that issue with a Dock Restart, and it just so happens to fix this issue as well. Weird, but fixed.