PopupMenu Issue AAX Mac Juce 5

We’re having issues with mouse hover when using nested PopupMenus in AAX on Mac. I was just wondering if anyone had seen something similar or had ideas about what could be going on. It seems like a new issue related to moving from Juce 4 to Juce 5. It could be something on our end, however it seems that we’re just using the default PopupMenu class as expected. We only see this in AAX format. Thanks. See the attached video:

I don’t see that with my AAX sub menus.

What OS version? I just checked on 10.11.6

Why don’t you add a PopupMenu to demonstrate the issue using the JUCE Example Plug-in… then we can see if it’s reproducible.


IIRC there were some changes in the popup menu code that used the parent window’s look and feel, and maybe this breaks things on AAX.

I will test this as I also migrated from JUCE 4 to 5 recently.

Thanks for the idea about recreating it in the default juce demo plugin. I did that and confirmed that it happens there as well. I’m on High Sierra and testing in PT 12. We’ve had multiple testers report the same bug so I don’t think it’s localized to something very specific. Here’s a video showing the issue on the default plugin. Note that my mouse (which you can’t see) is just going from top to bottom on the menu but it’s acting the same where it’s acting like it’s bouncing back to the top.

And here’s a link to the source code to test:

Bumping this. This is a pretty nasty bug for the popup menus.

I can’t reproduce this using your example in Pro Tools 12.5 on macOS 10.13.2, PopupMenus work as expected. Can you give your exact Pro Tools version, AAX SDK version and macOS version?

Ok I’m trying to figure out if there’s a pattern. We have three solid tests so far, including yours. I’ll try to get my hands on an older version of PT to see if it’s something that was introduced past 12.5. Here’s what we have so far:


  • PT 12.8.0 OSX 10.13.3, AAX 2.3.0 (Amusesmile)
  • PT 12.8.2 OSX 10.13.?, AAX 2.3.0 (Beta Tester)


  • PT 12.5, OSX 10.13.2, AAX ? (ed95)