PopupMenu LookAndFeelMethods : missing reference to the PopupMenu

It would be great if PopupMenu::drawPopupMenuItem() & co were passing a reference to the PopupMenu.
Any chance that you deprecate the current ones and add new ones with a PopupMenu& ?

that would allow us to take into account a colour that has been set to a particular menu. At the moment if you want to set different colours to 2 different menus, you have to create 2 different lnf.
also to set a particular font to a particular menu, and other things like that.

What do you think?

edit : +same request for drawCornerResizer and ResizableCornerComponent&.

Hi lalala,

We’ll consider this, but I’m afraid it’s quite likely that it’ll be a fairly low priority.

Thanks for your answer tom.
But actually, looking at it again, that would not make sense, cause PopupMenu is not a Component (the MenuWindow is, but that would be dirty to pass that around).

So I’m afraid that was not a good request, you can forget about it :slight_smile: