By default PopupMenu is not blocking so MouseEvent are still delivered.
so for example clicking outside the menu will both dismiss the PopupMenu and send a new MouseEvent.

I’ve seen in Slider that you have a menuShown flag to ignore mouseDrag while the menu is on screen and I’ve had to do the same in several places in our own Components too.

Would you consider a blocking PopupMenu behaviour that block all events outside the menu area?

I can imagine doing that by adding a transparent Component while the menu is visible. any idea?


Well, I can think of a way of doing it on the mac without needing a transparent overlay, but not too sure about the other platforms. It’d quite complicated to add overlays to all the windows. Ok, I’ll have a think about this.

(BTW the stuff in Slider isn’t addressing the same issue, it’s there because you might ctrl-drag on the slider itself to pop up the menu, so it needs to know it should ignore any subsequent mouse-drags).


ok thanks