PopupMenus search by typing

i have some comboboxes in my app with a long list of items (ordered by displayed text in the popup menu), and sometimes be able to type the initial character of an item and get repositioned to the first item with that initial would be cool, and also i don’t think it will be difficult.

To explain better, when you have a combobox with a popup menu with countries and you open the popup menu, if you press “I” on the keyboard, you will be cyclically repositioned to “Italy”, “India”, “Indonesia”, … This is common in comboboxes of all frameworks out there… Qt, Gtk, Win32, and so on…

Any chance to have this implemented ?

Good request, and definitely something I should do, thanks!

cool thanx. keep me pushed when you have done something in the tip…


What about using also the mousewheel to move among items?

That’d feel all wrong to me… The wheel’s already used for scrolling up and down if the list is too long, so it’d be confusing to give it a different function.

Ok, no problem. It’s just that I recently saw that in FL studio and I thought it was really cool.

I was searching for this feature, it will definitely upgrade the current Combobox.

Hey I am also looking for the same, I tried creating one by self in which i have modified combobox class to have textEditor and I am facing some issues. Need help on that. following is post which descibe issues. Please reply which can help.


Main issue is I am not able to type continously, each time focus is given to popupmenu.