Porting existing game written in C++


I owuld like to know if it’s possible to use JUCE to port an existing old game (1998) written in C++ and using DirectX & UDP inside browsers ?

If yes, could you give me some details explaining the best way to do that ?


You mean you want to build a browser plugin containing the game? Sure, it’s possible! My approach would be to first turn it into a juce app, which would be vastly easier to write and debug, and then convert it to a browser plugin when it’s working.

Hello Jules and thanks for the answer.

Is it a hard process to convert the game into a JUCE app ?

DirectX is not a problem ? UDP too ?

Can this be used after for mobile too (iPhone, Android) ?

If all the requirements fit, we surely use JUCE for this commercial project. I can’t talk a lot about it (NDA related), but what I can say is before we work on the second opus of that game, we need to make this MMO game work on browsers and mobile devices ideally including cross-platforms support for this summer, maybe september / october.

Thanks again.

I’ve no idea whether it’d be difficult or not - that depends on your game! There’s no DirectX or UDP stuff in juce itself, but I don’t understand whether you’re asking about how to use those things, or replace them with something more cross-platform?

About DirectX, it will be a very hard thing to deal using OpenGL instead of DirectX. We do not want to change everything of that part.

About UDP, we have very strong functions make that MMO game using low bandwith usage for a large amount of users connected together, and we would like continue using it.

Anyway, something just working on Windows browsers and Mobile devices could fit for the moment.

Well, nothing in juce will stop you using D3D or UDP, it just doesn’t provide any classes for working with those things. Presumably you’d just keep using your old code for that stuff.

And just use NPAPI / ActiveX part of JUCE to work with ?

Sure, you can use as much or as little of it as you like!

Ok, learning more about JUCE and staying in #JUCE IRC Channel. Thanks :slight_smile: